Guardian Raid T3-3: Calventus

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Recommended Team Setup


Optional Items

Panacea | Talisman | Flash Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • The bosses dark attacks will apply a stacking debuff. Each debuff reduces armor by 10%.

  • The boss has 2 phases and an enrage phase. When you first encounter the boss, it will be in his 1st Phase.

  • When the boss TP's away, it will start at his 2nd Phase.

  • The 2nd phase is signaled by an AoE rain. There are 2 situations where this can occur.

  • The 1st situation is after the 1st knockdown. After getting back up, it will do it's AoE attack.

  • If you don't knock the boss, the boss will automatically use the AoE rain after ~3-4 minutes.

  • This starts the 2nd phase.

  • During the 2nd phase, the boss will periodically call down 4-5 dark orbs that move toward the boss.

  • The orbs can be staggered and the boss will not absorb them when the orbs are being engaged.

  • Allowing the boss to absorb ~4-5 orbs will enrage the boss. The enraged mode is signal by this attack.

  • Enraged mode will give the boss new and stronger attacks as well as higher attack speed.

  • You will also know when it's enraged when its eyes glow blue and leave an afterimage when moving.

  • The boss will still call down orbs, but these orbs are grayish in color and don't move to the boss.

  • Moving close to these orbs will make the orbs move toward you.

  • They explode on contact and apply the armor debuff.

  • Once enraged, you have to knock the boss to make it go back to its 2nd phase.

  • This is shown below. Once the boss gets back up from its knockdown, the stationary orbs disappear.

  • The soulmaster ult is not the one clearing the orbs.

Moveset (1st Phase)

Tail Swipe

  • The tail swipe can be confusing for newer players.

  • The tail swipe telegraph is easy to notice. The boss will look back at the side it wants to swing its tail to.

  • The tail will be brought down in the middle. The boss will move diagonally to the other side.

  • Then the boss will tail swipe the side it was originally looking at.

  • Easiest way for melee to dodge all future swipe attacks is to stand diagonally to the boss's back.

  • This way, you dodge the initial tail swipe slam down the middle.

  • Then you move towards the middle where the tail landed to dodge the swipe.


  • The boss will telegraph its charge. There will be an AoE around himself at the end location of its charge.

Double Pound

  • Self-explanatory.

Single Pound

  • Self-explanatory.

Double Pound into Single

  • Self-explanatory.

Combo Pounds

  • When the boss switches aggro, the boss likes turning around and following up with a pound attack.

Sky Attack

  • Jumps up into the air for a bit before landing forward and doing a cone AoE attack.

Sky Drop

  • Flies up into the air before landing back down on a target.


  • No damage for 1st phase backstep.

Moveset (2nd Phase - Inherits 1st Phase Moves)

Upgraded Backstep

  • The backstep during the 2nd Phase spawns whirlwinds that move forward.

  • 2 whirlwinds spawn in front before the whirlwinds on the side.

  • You can dodge the whirlwinds as shown below if you're in front when this happens.


  • Flies slowly up into the air before using its rain attack.

  • Safe spot is in the middle. Before it lands, make sure to dash out of the safe area before it lands.

Shadow Ball

  • Arches its back before launching a shadow ball at a target.

Triple Shadow Ball

  • An orb appears at the front before the boss splits it into three orbs that go outward.

Moveset (Enraged Mode - Inherits Previous Phase Moves)

Enraged Charge

  • When enraged, its charge becomes almost instant and he uses it back to back.

Enraged Shadow Ball

  • Arches up and uses a huge shadow ball attack.

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