Guardian Raid T4-2: Lava Chrome

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Recommended Team Setup

Bard | Destroyer

Heavy Impairment

Destruction + Penetration Skills

Recommended Items

Corrosion Bomb | Destruction Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Lava Chromanium operates almost the same way as regular Chromanium.

  • You must still break its armor, but both destruction and penetration skills work on its armor.

  • Consider using a corrosion bomb before having your party apply any parts destruction effects.

  • Lava Chromanium does not inherit the "must break armor to start dealing normal damage" mechanic.

  • Every time Lava Chromanium runs, you must break its armor all over again.

  • When the bosses armor is still intact, the boss will periodically call down meteors every ~18 seconds.

  • The meteors knock you down and deal a decent amount of damage.

  • After breaking the bosses armor, the boss will run away after ~3 minutes.

  • To prevent the boss from running away during this time, you must knock the boss.

  • Knocking the boss makes it so the 2nd and 3rd knock become easier.

  • The boss will always run shortly after the 3rd knock. (Unconfirmed, I need more info)

  • The boss takes extra damage when knocked just like regular Chromanium.

  • Because the boss doesn't run away unless the armor breaks, sometimes teams would just bring full damage team comps with few parts destruction skills to DPS the turtle down.

  • The boss will periodically spawn volcanoes.

  • Usually teams only kill one volcano to make sure they have room to DPS as referenced below in the video.

  • Teams may sometimes use a whirlwind bombs or ults to hit both the volcano and boss to not lose DPS.

  • If you opt to not kill at least 1 volcano, make sure to drag the boss out.

  • The volcanoes will spew rain around itself after a time.

  • The volcanoes will explode after a time. Make sure you're not near the volcano when it happens.

  • It has a large explosion radius as you can see in the below video.

  • At around 30% health, the boss will periodically use an AoE flame that spreads outwards.



  • This move is only used when the boss still has its armor. Burrows into the ground and then uses rain.

  • The boss may use this move after a "lunge forward - turn body slam" chain or after a single lunge forward.

  • While the boss may not always burrow after these attacks, the burrow is always preceded by these attacks.

Eruption (2 Types)

  • The 1st type is exactly the same as the move used by regular Chromanium.

  • The second type of eruption is used after a set attack sequence.

  • Gathers air near his legs before jumping up -> Turn Body Slam -> Lunge Forward -> Eruption.

  • If you have a warlord in your party, the warlord can always interrupt the boss by taunting.

  • You can see the boss being taunted in the middle of its attack sequence.

Flame Breath (2 Types)

  • The boss telegraphs this by gathering air and by "sliding" to its aggroed target before using the attack.

  • The attack zone covers a 180 degree cone.

  • This flame breath is also telegraphed by gathering air and "sliding" to its aggroed target.

  • Instead of covering a 180 cone, it covers a straight line.

Body Slam (3 Types)

  • Frontal body slam.

  • Side body slam.

  • Turns and jumps while doing a body slam.

Body Slam (3 Types)

  • Single lunge.

  • Double lunge.
  • Double lunge but switches directions after the 1st lunge.


  • Single cannon shot AoE.


  • Multiple small AoEs.

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