Guardian Raid T2-3: 

Yoho of the Red Flame

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Recommended Team Setup



Recommended Items

Shield Talisman | Water Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Yoho goes through 3 phases. She starts at the 1st phase and everytime she TPs, she enters the next phase.

  • Yoho's 2nd and 3rd phase give her access to upgraded and/or new attacks.

  • Throughout the battle, you will have a chance to attain an attack buff which greatly increases your AP and AS.

  • This attack buff applies a burn debuff on you so make sure you have 100% burn immunity.

  • The most common method is when the boss uses her breath attack.

  • Getting hit by the fire will give you this attack buff.

  • Have a bard shield before entering the fire or use a shield talisman.

  • She will usually use her breath shortly after she turns pink.

  • Yoho does this ring move during 1st phase.

  • When the move ends, the person with the lowest health gets the attack buff (not percentage health).

  • Since bard's are usually the one with the lowest health, they have to use spacebar to get out of the ring.

  • You see in this video, the bard gets the buff at the end of the move, which shouldn't have happened.

  • You cannot just walk out of the ring because it pushes you back towards Yoho.

  • Yoho does move during 2nd phase.

  • You must get hit by 3 orbs to get the attack buff.

  • Yoho periodically does a 360 spin move that causes random areas on the floor to be on fire.

  • Since these fires can sometimes interrupt with DPSing, players throw water bombs on those areas to clear.

  • Do not waste a water bomb on such a small area like this berserker though.

  • Yoho will periodically try and powerup. Impairment required is fairly low and this is free time to DPS.

1st Phase Moveset


  • Screams, TPs, screams again, does a 360, and spawns a clone that also does a 360.


  • Faster version of charge.

  • Telegraphed by Yoho kneeling a bit before going further.


  • Telegraphed by Yoho kneeling down and getting ready to leap.

Random Fireballs

  • Arches her head up and screams before firing fireballs in random directions.

Targeted Fireballs

  • It's sometimes easy to tell who is the target of this attack because she just slides across the floor.

  • She fires two projectiles for the 1st phase version.


  • You should be used to the animation of charges by now. Yoho's charge is nothing different.

Sky Drop

  • Turns toward an aggroed target, screams and flies up into the air, then drops down on the target.

  • Can be avoided by just running. If you don't feel confident, just use a dash move.


  • Turns toward an aggroed target and does a single stomp.

Tail Swipe 360

  • Same telegraph as her spawn fires on random areas move, except this actually damages you.

Tail Swipe Back

  • Telegraphed by Yoho bending her head down a bit before bringing her tails up and swiping down.

Tail Swipe Side

  • She will look at the side she will tail swipe just like Calventus.

  • Yoho will then swipe her tail at the side she was looking at from the other side.


  • No damage.

2nd Phase Moveset - Inherits 1st Phase Moveset

Upgraded Jump

  • She does 3 jumps now instead on the same target.


  • She will walk into a straight line like a model on a runway. As she does this, rain will fall down.

3rd Phase Moveset - Inherits Previous Phases Moveset

Upgraded Clones

  • Instead of one clone, she will spawn clones in all cardinal directions, east, west, north, and south.

  • Easy to avoid for ranged by standing 45 degrees to Yoho.

  • Melee can just dash back in after the real Yoho does her spin.

Upgraded Flash

  • Yoho does flash three times in a row during 3rd Phase.


  • Arches her head up, screams and rain will fall down.

Upgraded Random Fireballs

  • These random fireballs now leave the floor burning.

Upgraded Targeted Fireballs

  • Instead of a pair of projectiles being fired, there are now two pairs of projectiles.

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