Valley of Beasts Guide 

  • Tier 1 Abyss Dungeons are fairly easy and the mechanics are simple.

  • The 1st boss is Vazzla the Fallen. The 2nd boss is Skrill.

  • This guide will focus on the mechanics of each boss first, since most readers only watch mechanics anyway.

  • The patterns and telegraphs of each boss will come after.

Vazzla the Fallen Mechanic

Aggro Mechanic

  • When you get the mark above your head, make sure to run to the side of the map. After a short time, the boss will spawn a persistent AoE on top of the aggroed target's head.

  • To reset the persistent AoEs, you must impair the boss. Afterwards all AoEs on the map disappear.

Skrill Mechanic


  • Hey, I don't come up with these names. Sometimes I take some liberty with the naming, but this time it's not me.

  • It's hard for me to figure out whether this debuff you get comes from getting hit by the boss (randomly comes up sometimes), or from when the AoE wears off from teammates (I forgot to enable skill effects when recording). 

  • I'm not sure whether the exploitation debuff is related to the Absorb buffs or he just gains it over time. This is because the boss doesn't get stacks sometimes when the debuff runs out on myself.

  • Either way, when the boss obtains 6 stacks in total, he enters this mechanic.

  • Four orbs spawn at clock positions 12, 3, 6, and 9. As a group, figure out which orb you're starting at and go to it. The boss will automatically teleport onto an aggroed party member and spin. The boss will then spin and kill the orb. The orb will impair the boss.

  • Do this 4 times, once at each position, and the mechanic will be over. If you're somehow unsure if the boss has killed the orb, you can always check debuff stack on the boss. It's the icon on the right with the explosion image.

Vazzla the Fallen Patterns



  • Jumps and does a landing AoE. Right after, does another AoE on the outside.


Skrill Patterns

Double Cone

  • 2 Mines show up on the safe spots after the cone AoE.

  • After TP, does a claw attack. After the claw attack, has a chance to do a spin.


  • Hands up.
Single Cone



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