Corridor of the Twisted Lord 
  • This guide will focus on the mechanics of each boss first, since most readers only watch mechanics anyway.

  • The patterns and telegraphs of each boss will come after.

Bishop and Rook Mechanic

  • Both the bishop and the rook should be killed at nearly the same time. Once one of them dies, the other will enrage. 

  • At around 8 health bars or so, a target will appear on a party member.
  • The rook will move to one side. You must move near the bishop on the opposite side.
  • The rook will fire a projectile and this projectile must hit the bishop or the party will wipe. 
  • At around 5 health bars, the mechanic happens again but differs slightly.
  • 8 rook columns spawn that you must break to clear the way for the projectile.

Monghwan Mechanic


  • This mechanic happens at 15 health bars and 5 health bars.
  • Monghwan will TP to the middle. Players should go to 4 positions, north, east, south, west.
  • 4 swords will spawn directly from Monghwan in the center. Each will follow a player.
  • Only 1 player should take it at a time. After the 1st player takes the sword, everyone will gain a sword of illusion debuff. This wears off after 1 second. The 2nd player ONLY eats the 2nd sword AFTER THE DEBUFF WEARS OFF. If you eat the sword while you still have the debuff, you die.
  • At the same time, you must also impair the boss in the middle. If you're not fast enough, party wipes.
  • Run clockwise or counterclockwise, it doesn't matter, just coordinate which direction with your group.


  • Alternating cone AoEs.

Monghwan Patterns

Hii-yah Hii-yah Cone
Teleport Jump Jump Jump Cone

Some Ninja Shuriken Shit

Some True Ninja Shit

Bishop Patterns

Alternating X


  • Low health mechanic.
  • Up, down, left, right, southwest, northeast, northwest, southeast.

Some Random Orb Shit

Four Orbs

Bishop Patterns

Knock Back

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