Hildebrigne, Dream Palace Part 1 
  • This focuses on the first boss in this dungeon, which I'm just going to call Queen.

Queen Mechanic

  • At 8 health bars and 5 health bars, the queen will TP to the middle. Mirrors will spawn and a wave will spawn.

  • To survive the wave, you must choose the correct mirror. A colored mirror will connect to the same colored mirror. For example, a gold colored mirror will connect to a gold colored mirror.

  • The only trap mirror is the purple colored one. A purple mirror will lead to the boss. This is shown in the video.

Queen Patterns


  • A cone will appear outwards with a safe area in the back of the boss.

  • Two rotating orbs will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise at the same time.

  • The safe area will go with the rotation of the rotating orbs.

  • In the below video, you see that both orbs rotate clockwise.

Dash Dash Dash Double Cone

Backstep Double Cone

Low Health Mechanic | Wave
3 Forward Orbs, Then Back

Low Health Mechanic | Red Orbs

  • A player receives a debuff on him for 5 seconds. In this video, it appears on the blaster.

  • After the debuff wears off, 8 orbs appear on the player and spread outwards.

Lurker Spikes

  • Hands up then spikes.


Double Punch
Double Cone
Tri Cone
Quad Cone

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