Guardian Raid T2-1: Chromanium

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Recommended Team Setup


Heavy Impairment

Useful Items

Beginner Bomb

Optional Items

Corrosion Bomb | Destruction Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Use all your bombs and destruction skills on CD to break the turtle's shell ASAP.

  • Your team must also use all the skills that impair the boss .

  • Your team will do severely reduced damage until that happens.

  • Damage done to the boss is increased when the boss experiences a full knockdown.
  • You will deal decreased damage until you break the armor and do at least 1 full knockdown.
  • If you just knock the boss without breaking the armor, you will deal reduced damage once he gets back up.
  • IMPORTANT: Save all the skills that do not cause destruction or impairment for the 1st knockdown.
  • Use all burst skills once this happens like bard ultimate and crit buff, soulmaster buffs, etc.
  • After the boss runs away, you will not have to break its armor again.
  • But you still will have to knock the boss to do full damage again.
Full Knockdown vs Armor Break
  • The sounds are different for both animations.

  • Turtle gets back up quickly for his armor break, but a full knockdown lasts for a much longer time.

  • After you experience it in the game, it should be easy to differentiate between an armor break and a knock.

  • The below video is reference for both knock (1st), and armor break (2nd) sounds.



  • Charges up, hops up, then fall back down. You will see something swirling on his legs.

  • Either he will go back to his normal attack rotation or he will follow up with a large AoE attack.

  • If you want to be extra safe, just move away regardless and wait.

  • He will lift up his front two legs, and then will followup with an aftershock. Move away to a safe distance.

Cannon (2 Types)

  • The cannon glows orange as it fires.

  • The first type is a single cannon shot that hits multiple times in a single area.

  • The cannon glows purple as it fires.
  • The second type is a cannon shot which drops a orb drone that follows the target.
  • If you get hit, you get stunned for a short amount of time.
  • Instead of a normal cannon shot, Chromanium will fire multiple shots.
Body Slam (2 Types)
  • Side slam. Easily telegraphed.
  • Front slam. Easily telegraphed.
  • Summons four orbs. When summoned, slows users around the turtle. Deals damage around the orbs.

Breath (2 Types)

  • Line breath.

  • AoE cone breath.

Jump (2 Types)
  • Single forward jump.
  • Double jump. Sometimes the boss likes to jump multiple times in succession.

Under 25% Health Battle Mechanics
Upgraded Cannon
  • His cannon shot will leave behind a persistent AoE on the floor.

Upgraded Orb Spawn
  • When he summons his 4 orbs, they will turn purple and act as gravity wells, pulling you inwards.

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