Guardian Raid T2-2: Nakrasena

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Recommended Team Setup



Recommended Items

Grey Shuriken


Optional Items

Corrosion Bomb + Blue Shuriken

Optional Runes

Lightning Resist

General Battle Mechanics

  • There is a slight learning curve to this fight as it can be a bit hectic for new players.

  • To make this fight easier, people generally try cutting the tail off during the fight.

  • You can only cut the tail when you impair the boss as referenced below in the video.

  • It takes 16 cutting levels to cut the bosses tail. Grey shurikens have 2 cutting power.

  • Blue shurikens have 3 cutting power. Corrosion bomb adds 1 power to all applied effects.

  • So the 1st option is to use 8 grey shurikens over 2 knocks

  • The 2nd option is to use 1 corrosion bomb and 4 blue shurikens to just cut the tail in 1 knock.

  • Various skills from classes like Berserker and Battlemaster have cut in their skills.

  • When you first encounter the boss, it will not be able to use any of its lightning attacks.

  • It will first charge itself up as shown below 1 time and then a 2nd time ~45 seconds later.

  • After charging up, some of its attacks gets upgraded and they have additional properties.

  • There are only 2 charge phases and the 2nd phase allows it to use more attacks.


Claw Swipe (Enhanceable)

  • Slams its claws down in quick succession before swiping forward.

  • Attack will deal more damage when it goes through charging phase.

Side Swipe (Enhanceable)

  • Raises its claw upwards before swiping to the side.

  • Attack will deal more damage when it goes through charging phase.

Crush Claw (Enhanceable)

  • Arches backward before bringing down his claws in the front.

  • Attack will deal more damage when it goes through charging phase.


  • Arches backward before doing a double spit attack. The attack slows.

Double Jump (Enhanceable)

  • Raises its claws upward before jumping up. The boss can do this twice in a row. It may also only do it once.

  • When used after its charging phase, it will paralyze players if you get near its landing location.

Single Jump (Enhanceable)

  • Raises its claws upward before jumping up once. The damage is dealt on landing location.

  • When used after its charging phase, it will paralyze players if you get near its landing location.

Tail Swipe (Enhanceable) (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • While it may look like its attack range is huge, the tail doesn't cover the front side.

  • You can dodge the attack by running away or moving to its side like below.

Spawn Scorpions

  • A golden glow will appear in the middle of its body.

  • A short duration later, mini scorpions will spawn.

Backstep (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • Staggers players when it backpedals.

Charge (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • Knocks back players when hit. Deals damage at landing location.

Burrow (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • This attack takes some time to get used to. The boss will burrow and target one player.

  • There's a window in which the boss will reappear that you have to dodge to avoid the attack.

Bongos (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • The boss will slam the ground in rapid succession mimicing the sound of bongos.

  • The boss will then ground its tail and mini AoE's appear. It is best to just run away from the boss.

Laser (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • This attack is telegraphed by its tail charging up and turning its head to the aggroed player.

  • Then it will shoot its laser twice and paralyze anyone hit.

  • You can avoid this attack by just running from side to side. No space required.

  • Make sure to avoid running into your teammates.

  • If someone does get hit, they get picked up. You must impair the boss for the person to be freed.

  • If you don't impair in time, the person will most likely die.

Lightning Strike (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • Uses the same animation when it's charging up through its charging phase.

  • AoE will target one player. Make sure not to run into your teammates.

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