Guardian Raid T4-1: Icegaia

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Recommended Team Setup



Optional Items

Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Frostgaia's attacks apply a MS debuff. Getting 10 stacks freezes you.

  • When Frostgaia tries to do its 1st ever evolution, regardless of whether or not you break it, it will evolve.

  • The evolve is signaled by this scream and this means the boss has done its 1st evolution.

  • When the boss TPs away after its 2nd evolution, it will always start at its 1st evolution afterwards.

  • If the DPS of your team is high enough, Frostgaia will evolve to 1st evolution without doing the mechanic.

  • Example of evolution sequence:

->1st Evolve Attempt or High DPS->Scream Signals 1st Evolution->Evolve Attempts->2nd Evolution->TP Away
->Find Boss Again->Starts at 1st Evolution->Evolve Attempts->2nd Evolution->TP Away
  • When first encountering the boss, the boss will land and deal damage at landing location and fly back up.

  • The second landing deals no damage.

  • You still have to break the boss during the evolve phase much like Hellgaia's evolution attempts.

  • Frostgaia's impairment requirement is higher than Hellgaia's. 

  • Do not count evolve attempts until after the 1st scripted/mandatory evolution during your 1st encounter.

  • Average teams can break 2 evolve attempts from 1st evolution without items. 3 evolve breaks is difficult.

  • When you know you will fail to break a boss during its evolve, the bard should ult or you should all run.

  • When the boss reaches its 2nd evolution, it will not attempt to evolve anymore.

  • Instead you must impair the boss so that it runs away and restarts at its 1st evolution elsewhere.

  • After the boss gets back up, it will always do 2 Sky Attacks. It will then scream and TP away.

Moveset (New Moves Added During Evolves)

Sky Attack (1st Evolution)

  • Jumps up into the air and flies back down. Annoying to dodge because of fast attack speed.

Frontal Swipe

  • Single wing frontal swipe. Can do it multiple times in succession.

Double Frontal Swipe (1st Evolution)

  • Frontal swipe with right then left wing. Still has access to single swipe.

Triple Frontal Swipe (2nd Evolution)

  • Frontal swipe with right, left, and then both wings in the front. Still has access to previous frontal swipes.


  • Telegraph for this charge is straightforward.

Upgraded Charge (2nd Evolution)

  • Flies up a bit before charging forward. Replaces the normal charge.

Up (2nd Evolution)

  • Flies up and lands at a location after a short while. Don't get near the AoE until after the boss lands.

Beak Lift

  • Self-explanatory.

Double Peck

  • Self-explanatory.

Side Wing Swipe

  • Self-explanatory.

Tail Swipe

  • Self-explanatory. Safe spot is right on Frostgaia's butt. Can do it multiple times in succession or just once.

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