Mystic Abyss Raid Phase 2 

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Optional Items

Whirlwind Bomb

Mystic Phase 2 Mechanics

  • Players will split into teams of 2 to take down 2 bosses.

  • The fire boss (top area) will have more health than the ice boss so it's recommended to lean towards having more DPS in that team.

  • The ice boss (bottom area) will have impairment mechanics so it's recommended to lean towards having more impairment classes on that team.

  • Both bosses must be killed within 10 seconds of each other so communication within the team is priority. If 10 seconds passes, the bosses regain health and you must attempt the same mechanic all over again.

Cooperative Mechanics
  • The ice golem will periodically do its impairment mechanic. It pushes players away and an icicle wall spawns around him. You must impair the boss during this time.

  • If you fail the impairment, a flame platform will spawn for the team fighting the fire golem.

  • The AoE lasts for a long time, but will never lower your health below 1.

  • If this happens, just focus on avoiding attacks and use pots after the flame AoE is over.

  • The fire golem team likewise must also do their own mechanic. The boss will periodically jump. You must make sure the boss lands near the flame circle in the middle of the platform.

  • The safe spots for the jump is right outside the landing location.

  • If done successfully, circles spawn for the ice golem team. These circles remove the debuff stacks that the ice golem team accumulates.

  • If the player acquires too many stacks (I think its 4), you get frozen and the boss will try to clap you.
  • The infighter in this video is outside of the clap hitbox.

Ice Golem Patterns


  • Summons clone, teleports somewhere else. Clone will explode after a while, dealing damage around it.

  • Also does this when someone is frozen.

Back Cone

  • Telegraphed by putting down boths arms inwards right under its icicle crotch. Cone AoE backwards.

Front Cone

  • Different from back cone telegraph as both arms are put down further apart to its sides. Cone AoE forward.


  • I don't know what the fuck the telegraph is for this shit.

Some Ice Thing

  • One hand up to charge an attack. Then slams down. No attack to the sides.

Some Huge Ice Thing

  • Both hands up to charge an attack. Slams down in middle, two AoE's follow after to the side.


  • Hands up. Then slam.


  • Kneels before charging.

Fire Golem Patterns


  • Telegraph is the right hand slamming down. The boss attempts two bowling balls from the right hand.

  • Run counterclockwise to avoid.


  • Targets a person in melee range. Can do it 3 consecutive times if the target stays in melee range.

  • AoEs appear after every slam.

King Kong

  • Slams chest, then runs forward.


  • Roars then lunges.



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