Mystic Abyss Raid Phase 3 

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Optional Items

Fire Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb


Mystic Phase 3 Mechanics

  • During phase 3, there is a purple fog that spawns in the middle. If you stand outside of the purple fog for more than 10 seconds, you will die.

  • Statues will also spawn near the edges of the map. They deal chip damage and can be annoying. Unless you are confident in your dodging abilities or your gear is strong enough, consider killing them.

  • Freeze mechanic that is similar to Phase 1 freeze. This one though is hit based, not damaged based, so use fire bombs or multi hit skills.

  • Make sure to run away after you break everyone out as it will do an AoE.

  • When the boss gets to low health, the boss will TP to the middle and do an impairment mechanic.

  • It will always be in the same position in the middle no matter what.

  • In addition, mirror images of dragons will first spawn at the top left and bottom right locations.

  • After they spin and finish their attack rotation, they disappear and 2 more will spawn at the bottom left and top right locations.

  • So the safe spots during this impairment mechanic is at first, the bottom left, then move up a little bit to avoid the bottom left mirror image.

  • Failing to impair the boss during this stage results in raid wipe.

  • For the most part, the boss inherits most of its Phase 1 attacks. Blue Phase variants of Phase 1 attacks will be used from the start of the fight, rather than the normal attacks. Because of this, I will not be duplicating patterns on this Phase 3 guide. Just refer to the Phase 1 guide.
  • 2 or 3 times during the raid, the boss will do an aerial bombardment.

  • The boss flies by and bombards players 9x. Then it chooses a target and lands at the players location. The boss does damage at the landing location.

  • Slams with paw. Purple fog appears around player. Behaves the same way as during Phase 1.

  • In addition, 3 small rain AoE fall down as well.


  • Roars, flaps its wings, then geysers appear and go diagonally outwards.


  • Stomps down, icicle AoE goes forward 4 rows from the boss.

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