Mystic Abyss Raid Phase 1 

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Optional Items

Fire Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb


Mystic Phase 1 Mechanics

  • A purple cloud will radiate outwards from him. 3-4 players will get frozen.

  • After a certain amount of time, the boss will then do a special line attack in front of the two crystals he has. It will one shot.

  • The only person you really need to break out of the freeze is the person in the path of the boss. The others will eventually get out. If all 3 are in the line of the boss, consider throwing fire bombs on them.

  • Consider using a fire bomb to help with breaking out teammates.

  • Don't attack the boss when he does this. Pet autos are ok. Too much damage and it will do a high damage AoE outwards. Always important to recognize this attack.

Blue Phase

  • During the fight, the boss may turn blue. It will radiate a blue fog. This gives access to new attacks and a new mechanic.

  • A blue circle will also appear. Make sure to always get the boss out of the circle when you see the blue phase transition. If the boss stays inside this circle for too long, it will do a devastating attack.

  • Only used during blue phase. Boss screams, then geysers appear.

Tail Swipe
  • Upgraded version of the normal tail swipe the boss has access too. The only new thing is that 3 geysers randomly appear near him, most likely in the back.

  • Telegraphed by a brief flight into the air and then the tail slamming down. Always swings counterclockwise.

  • Front leg slam into multiple AoE.

Purple Phase
  • During the fight, the boss may turn purple. It will radiate a purple fog.

  • On transition and regular intervals, some players will have a purple fog appear around them.

  • The AoEs behave much like Akates's circles. AoEs will appear on the players location after the fog disappears.

  • Players should always run towards the edge. Too many stacks and they will stun you.

  • Rare attack. 4 AoEs drop according to the boss's cardinal directions. Head, right wing, tail, left wing.

  • Shoots three times into the air. Targets 2 players. 3 balls continuously fall on those 2 players.

Breath 1
  • Becomes airborne. Breath goes counterclockwise.

  • Does damage at landing location.

Breath 2
  • Head arches up briefly, then breath goes clockwise.

  • Likes doing tail swipes after teleporting.

Slam Rain
  • Slams, then 3 AoEs come down.

Snake Swipe
360 Tail Swipe
Claw Swipe
  • Preps by turning to the left (Boss PoV), then swiping right.

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