Guardian Raid T1-1: Lumerus

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General Battle Mechanics

  • Always stay directly behind him to avoid a majority of his attacks.

  • He will get two new attacks after he reaches below 50% health.

1st Phase Moveset (Above 50% Health)


  • The telegraph is the head shake. Safe spot is right behind him.

Single Swipe

  • As described in the name.

Triple Chain Swipe (Upgraded Under 50% Health)

  • 3-sequence attack. First two are swipes and then the last is a cone AoE.


  • Damage cone at landing location.


  • Raises front two paws into the air and brings them back down. Geysers appear shortly after.


  • AoE breath cone.


  • Paws the ground with his left paw before rushing forward.

2nd Phase Moveset (Above 50% Health)

Upgraded Chain Swipe

  • Geysers will spawn after he does his 3 chain sequence attack.

Super Quake

  • Lumerus will jump up and land, dealing damage to a small area around it.

  • Much like the earthquake, after he lands, anywhere behind him is safe.

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