Guardian Raid T1-2: Urunil

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Recommended Team Setup

Have Impairment

General Battle Mechanics

  • His attacks will be improved when he is in enraged mode.

  • He will periodically shout and turn red, and his stretch marks will glow.

  • Knocking him will calm him down.

  • Most attacks can be avoided just by being behind him. Stay clear from behind for two attacks.


Swipe (2 Types)

  • Top: Normal Mode (Knockup)
  • Bottom: Enhanced Mode (Knockup)


  • Top: Normal Mode (Stagger)

  • Bottom: Enhanced Mode (Knockup)


  • Urunil can throw a fireball up into the air and it will land in one of two places. 

  • DPS should move to the side for this.

  • Top: Lands directly behind him.

  • Bottom: Lands away from him.


  • Urunil will do an AoE around him if you fail to knock him down in time. Shortly after he will run away. 

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