Guardian Raid T1-3: Ice Regioros

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Recommended Team Setup


General Battle Mechanics

  • Most players (melee) have problems dodging this one skill where the boss jumps backwards.

  • After jumping backwards, he uses frost breath as shown below.

  • This move is telegraphed by doing a 360 while backstepping.

  • You just have to ready to dodge ASAP after it backsteps.

  • Sometimes it does a shout before doing it, but not all the time. This is also a telegraph for another move.

  • If you knock/break the boss, it will do an explosion AoE around itself after getting back up.

  • Make sure to run away before it recovers.

  • The boss can also do its explosion without the knockdown prerequisite. 
  • It always arches its head up, shouts, and turns 180 before doing this move. 
  • That doesn't mean that every time the boss arches his head and turns 180, he will do it.
  • It's just that the explosion is always preceded by that telegraph.


No Damage Backstep

  • This is different from the backstep which does damage because it doesn't do a 360 while going back.

  • The boss will turn towards an aggroed target.
  • Then he will do a roar and then jump up and land back on someone's location.
  • You will get stunned if you stand near the location.

Triple Jump

  • He will turn towards an aggroed target and stomp his two feet.

  • This is the telegraph that he will do 3 consecutive jumps on the person he turns towards.

  • Just keep running in a straight line, do not move backwards and you will dodge it.

Charge (Two Types)
  • He does a wind up animation before running forward. He paws the ground with his left foot.
  • Below a certain health, he starts being able to charge 3x in a row.

Swipes (Three Types)

  • Single swipe. Does a 90 degree right turn while doing the swipe.

  • Double swipe.

  • Quadruple swipe.

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