Guardian Raid T1-4: Berutooth

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Recommended Team Setup



Optional Items

Panacea | Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • The boss will run away automatically when it reaches 70% and 40% health.

  • The boss enters its 3rd phase at 30% health.

  • The boss's 2nd phase is barely any different from its 1st phase, so I will not be differentiating them.

  • The boss will periodically turn red during each phase as shown below.

  • You can accelerate this phase by knocking the boss.
  • If the boss is not red when you knocked him initially, he will turn red after getting back up.
  • If you've knocked the boss when it has already turned red, it's recovery attack will be a jumpback.
  • The tail is able to be cut during this time, but it is not worth it because it just accelerates him to Phase 3.
  • The boss will periodically try grabbing players. The telegraph is easy to notice and the arcana below dodges it.

  • If players get CC'd, they are priority targets for getting grabbed.

  • When someone gets grabbed, make sure to use as much impairment skills to break him free ASAP.
  • During the boss's 3rd phase, any player he CC's, will be a priority target for his Charge attack.
  • This CC includes his tail swipe and his freeze bomb.
  • The boss has a high tendency to telegraph who his next aggroed target is and who he will use his next attack on. When he has chosen a target to attack, he will "slide" to face him and use a skill as shown below.


Tail Swipe

  • One of Beru's most annoying moves especially for melee is his tail swipe attack because it stuns you.

  • It's telegraphed by him swaying his tail in the direction of the swipe before attacking.


  • When running away, it's ideal to run away together in a group so that there is less downtime for attacks.

  • If a teammate is lagging behind, that person should just run in another direction because the boss might pop out beneath them.

  • Safest option is running in 4 directions away from each other.


  • Easily telegraphed.

Freeze Bomb

  • Screams and AoE circles appear. Frozen players have a high chance of getting grabbed.


  • Sucks in players then breaths them away.


  • Easily telegraphed.

Claw Swipe

  • Double claw swipe. Easily telegraphed.


  • Easily telegraphed.

Ice Ball

  • Easily telegraphed.

  • During the 3rd phase, the iceball becomes triple.

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Guardian Raid T1-1: Urunil

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Recommended Team Setup

Have Impairment

General Battle Mechanics

  • His attacks will be improved when he is in enraged mode.

  • He will periodically shout and turn red, and his stretch marks will glow.

  • Knocking him will calm him down.

  • Most attacks can be avoided just by being behind him. Stay clear from behind for two attacks.


Swipe (2 Types)
  • Top: Normal Mode (Knockup)
  • Bottom: Enhanced Mode (Knockup)


  • Top: Normal Mode (Stagger)

  • Bottom: Enhanced Mode (Knockup)


  • Urunil can throw a fireball up into the air and it will land in one of two places. 

  • DPS should move to the side for this.

  • Top: Lands directly behind him.

  • Bottom: Lands away from him.


  • Urunil will do an AoE around him if you fail to knock him down in time. Shortly after he will run away. 

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Guardian Raid T1-3: Ice Regi

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Recommended Team Setup


General Battle Mechanics

  • Most players (melee) have problems dodging this one skill where the boss jumps backwards.

  • After jumping backwards, he uses frost breath as shown below.

  • This move is telegraphed by doing a 360 while backstepping.

  • You just have to ready to dodge ASAP after it backsteps.

  • Sometimes it does a shout before doing it, but not all the time. This is also a telegraph for another move.

  • If you knock/break the boss, it will do an explosion AoE around itself after getting back up.

  • Make sure to run away before it recovers.

  • The boss can also do its explosion without the knockdown prerequisite. 
  • It always arches its head up, shouts, and turns 180 before doing this move. 
  • That doesn't mean that every time the boss arches his head and turns 180, he will do it.

  • It's just that the explosion is always preceded by that telegraph.


No Damage Backstep

  • This is different from the backstep which does damage because it doesn't do a 360 while going back.

  • The boss will turn towards an aggroed target.
  • Then he will do a roar and then jump up and land back on someone's location.
  • You will get stunned if you stand near the location.

Triple Jump

  • He will turn towards an aggroed target and stomp his two feet.

  • This is the telegraph that he will do 3 consecutive jumps on the person he turns towards.

  • Just keep running in a straight line, do not move backwards and you will dodge it.

Charge (Two Types)
  • He does a wind up animation before running forward. He paws the ground with his left foot.
  • Below a certain health, he starts being able to charge 3x in a row.

Swipes (Three Types)

  • Single swipe. Does a 90 degree right turn while doing the swipe.

  • Double swipe.
  • Quadruple swipe.

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Guardian Raid T2-1: Chromanium

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Recommended Team Setup


Heavy Impairment

Optional Items

Corrosion Bomb | Destruction Bomb | Whirlwind Bomb

General Battle Mechanics

  • Use all your bombs and destruction skills on CD to break the turtle's shell ASAP.

  • Your team must also use all the skills that impair the boss .

  • Your team will do severely reduced damage until that happens.

  • Damage done to the boss is increased when the boss experiences a full knockdown.
  • You will deal decreased damage until you break the armor and do at least 1 full knockdown.
  • If you just knock the boss without breaking the armor, you will deal reduced damage once he gets back up.
  • IMPORTANT: Save all the skills that do not cause destruction or impairment for the 1st knockdown.
  • Use all burst skills once this happens like bard ultimate and crit buff, soulmaster buffs, etc.
  • After the boss runs away, you will not have to break its armor again.
  • But you still will have to knock the boss to do full damage again.
Full Knockdown vs Armor Break
  • The sounds are different for both animations.

  • Turtle gets back up quickly for his armor break, but a full knockdown lasts for a much longer time.

  • After you experience it in the game, it should be easy to differentiate between an armor break and a knock.

  • The below video is reference for both knock (1st), and armor break (2nd) sounds.



  • Charges up, hops up, then fall back down. You will see something swirling on his legs.

  • Either he will go back to his normal attack rotation or he will follow up with a large AoE attack.

  • If you want to be extra safe, just move away regardless and wait.

  • He will lift up his front two legs, and then will followup with an aftershock. Move away to a safe distance.

Cannon (2 Types)

  • The cannon glows orange as it fires.

  • The first type is a single cannon shot that hits multiple times in a single area.

  • The cannon glows purple as it fires.
  • The second type is a cannon shot which drops a orb drone that follows the target.
  • If you get hit, you get stunned for a short amount of time.
  • Instead of a normal cannon shot, Chromanium will fire multiple shots.
Body Slam (2 Types)
  • Side slam. Easily telegraphed.
  • Front slam. Easily telegraphed.
  • Summons four orbs. When summoned, slows users around the turtle. Deals damage around the orbs.

Breath (2 Types)

  • Line breath.

  • AoE cone breath.

Jump (2 Types)
  • Single forward jump.
  • Double jump. Sometimes the boss likes to jump multiple times in succession.

Under 25% Health Battle Mechanics
Upgraded Cannon
  • His cannon shot will leave behind a persistent AoE on the floor.

Upgraded Orb Spawn
  • When he summons his 4 orbs, they will turn purple and act as gravity wells, pulling you inwards.

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Guardian Raid T3-1: Dark Regi

Clips from

Orsted and his guildmates

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

General Battle Mechanics

  • Getting hit by magic attacks will apply darkness stacks. Receiving darkness stacks reduces vision.

  • At 4 darkness stacks, Dark Regi will blink and reappear behind the guy and attack with double claws.

  • This attack does a decent amount of damage, so avoid getting too many darkness stacks.

  • Keep the boss pinned to a wall so you do not need to move around much. 

  • Reference below. Boss jumps back to a wall, reducing the need to chase after it.

Non-Combo Moveset


  • Stationary breath attack.

  • The first type is inner rain.
  • The second type is an outer bombardment telegraphed by the boss standing on his hind legs.
  • After the outer, will he do an AoE explosion around himself after it ends, so run away after.

Single Swipe
  • The boss turns around before doing a single swipe. This single swipe always leads into an attack.
Double Swipe (Two Types)
  • The 1st is a double side to side swipe. First swipes clockwise, does a 180, then swipes counterclockwise.
  • Dodge by moving side to side or having a bard shield the team.
  • Double frontal swipe.

Combo Moveset

Charge -> Blink or Backstep

  • Telegraphed by his right leg winding up. (Left from this PoV).

  • If you have a warlord, you can taunt him. Do not taunt him before he rushes.

  • After charging, he can do one of two things. The first thing he can do is a backstep.

  • The other thing he can do is disappear then reappear elsewhere a short duration later after charging.

Backstep -> Breath

  • Backsteps into a breath attack. Make sure to either chase ASAP or run away from the breath.

Blink -> Breath or Double Swipe

  • After blinking, the boss will reappear elsewhere and might use double swipe.

  • After blinking, the boss will reappear elsewhere and might use breath.

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Guardian Raid T2-2: Nakrasena

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup



Optional Items

Corrosion Bomb + Blue Shuriken

General Battle Mechanics

  • There is a slight learning curve to this fight as it can be a bit hectic for new players.

  • To make this fight easier, people generally try cutting the tail off during the fight.

  • You can only cut the tail when you impair the boss as referenced below in the video.

  • It takes 16 cutting levels to cut the bosses tail. Grey shurikens have 2 cutting power.

  • Blue shurikens have 3 cutting power. Corrosion bomb adds 1 power to all applied effects.

  • So the 1st option is to use 8 grey shurikens over 2 knocks

  • The 2nd option is to use 1 corrosion bomb and 4 blue shurikens to just cut the tail in 1 knock.

  • Various skills from classes like Berserker and Battlemaster have cut in their skills.

  • When you first encounter the boss, it will not be able to use any of its lightning attacks.

  • It will first charge itself up as shown below 1 time and then a 2nd time ~45 seconds later.

  • After charging up, some of its attacks gets upgraded and they have additional properties.

  • There are only 2 charge phases and the 2nd phase allows it to use more attacks.


Claw Swipe (Enhanceable)

  • Slams its claws down in quick succession before swiping forward.

  • Attack will deal more damage when it goes through charging phase.

Side Swipe (Enhanceable)

  • Raises its claw upwards before swiping to the side.

  • Attack will deal more damage when it goes through charging phase.

Crush Claw (Enhanceable)

  • Arches backward before bringing down his claws in the front.

  • Attack will deal more damage when it goes through charging phase.


  • Arches backward before doing a double spit attack. The attack slows.

Double Jump (Enhanceable)

  • Raises its claws upward before jumping up. The boss can do this twice in a row. It may also only do it once.

  • When used after its charging phase, it will paralyze players if you get near its landing location.

Single Jump (Enhanceable)

  • Raises its claws upward before jumping up once. The damage is dealt on landing location.

  • When used after its charging phase, it will paralyze players if you get near its landing location.

Tail Swipe (Enhanceable) (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • While it may look like its attack range is huge, the tail doesn't cover the front side.

  • You can dodge the attack by running away or moving to its side like below.

Spawn Scorpions

  • A golden glow will appear in the middle of its body.

  • A short duration later, mini scorpions will spawn.

Backstep (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • Staggers players when it backpedals.

Charge (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • Knocks back players when hit. Deals damage at landing location.

Burrow (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • This attack takes some time to get used to. The boss will burrow and target one player.

  • There's a window in which the boss will reappear that you have to dodge to avoid the attack.

Bongos (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • The boss will slam the ground in rapid succession mimicing the sound of bongos.

  • The boss will then ground its tail and mini AoE's appear. It is best to just run away from the boss.

Laser (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • This attack is telegraphed by its tail charging up and turning its head to the aggroed player.

  • Then it will shoot its laser twice and paralyze anyone hit.

  • You can avoid this attack by just running from side to side. No space required.

  • Make sure to avoid running into your teammates.

  • If someone does get hit, they get picked up. You must impair the boss for the person to be freed.

  • If you don't impair in time, the person will most likely die.

Lightning Strike (Unavailable When Tail is Cut)

  • Uses the same animation when it's charging up through its charging phase.

  • AoE will target one player. Make sure not to run into your teammates.

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Guardian Raid T4-4: Titalos

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup


Optional Items

Scarecrow | Dark Bomb | Molotov | Adrophin | Whirlwind Bomb | Panacea (Removes Petrify CD Debuff)

Recommended Runes

60% Earth Resistance | 100% Earthquake [Disorient] Immunity | 30% Wild Beast Damage

Optional Engravings

Urgent Rescue

General Battle Mechanics

  • Some teams like to use a scarecrow at the beginning of the fight to draw aggro from the boss.

  • They use this time to just dump all their DPS on the boss.

  • Since the boss TPs 2 more times, a scarecrow is used at the 1st encounter and the other 2 TP encounters.

  • The boss enter its 2nd phase after its 1st TP.

  • Usually a scarecrow is saved for when the boss enrages, which will be discussed below.

  • The boss will summon 2 sandstorms shortly after the fight begins.

  • These sandstorms aggro onto players and moves towards them very slowly.

  • Standing in the sandstorms will apply a MS debuff on you. Getting 3 of these stacks will petrify you.

  • After the sandstorms are created, the boss will periodically do an earthquake move as indicated below.

  • Unless you have 100% Earthquake Immunity, you will be shocked for 10 seconds.

  • After a short while of doing the earthquake, the boss will do a one shot move.

  • You can time the one shot move by counting the number of moves the boss does.

  • The boss usually does it after 3 moves used. 

  • If the move animation takes a long time, ex. rolls, it will do it after 2 moves used. 

  • To avoid the one shot, you must stand in the sandstorm to get 3 stacks and get petrified to become invincible.

  • Players can prep 1 or 2 stacks of the debuff to make sure you get 3 stacks in time.

  • The invincibility effect still lasts for a bit after wearing off.

  • In RU, the one shot mechanic, doesn't one shot anymore.

  • Getting petrified gives you a 30 second debuff where you can't get petrified again. In RU, it's if you get hit.

  • If you can't get petrified again before the boss uses its one shot ability, you should run away.

  • Either go into the next area or make sure to run until the boss is on the edge of your minimap.

  • In RU, the one shot mechanic, doesn't one shot anymore.

  • If the boss kills someone during the one shot move, the boss will enrage.

  • The boss's attack speed and damage will increase.

  • The sandstorms disappear and he will not do the earthquake/one shot mechanic anymore.

  • Instead, an AoE will appear around himself and damage all surrounding players.

  • To get the boss back to its normal state, you must knock the boss.

  • Once the boss gets back up, it will lose its AoE and go back to doing normal things.


Bomb (2nd Phase)

  • During the 2nd phase, the boss will start using this move periodically.

  • It has the same telegraph as the sandstorm summon.

  • A circle will spawn on the ground. Unless someone stands on top of the circle, bombs will continually spawn.

  • Typically, the bard or a ranged class stands on the circle.

  • When you get near the bombs, they explode.

Eruption (2nd Phase)

  • It has a telegraph I guess, not like that will help you.

  • So far as I can tell, the AoE's are random. If you're unlucky, you'll just get juggled.

Rolls 1-D

  • Simple telegraph.

  • These types of rolls go in one direction. The safe spot is always right behind the boss.

  • The safe zone decreases when the boss is against the wall and the rolls come out of it.

Rolls 2-D

  • These rolls go in two directions. To account for both 1D and 2D, first stand diagonally to the boss.

  • For the 2D roll, only one roll will appear from behind and go back. Afterwards, no more back rolls appear.

  • So in both situations, safe spot will behind on the bosses back.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.


  • Self-explanatory.

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Guardian Raid T4-3: Icegaia

Clips from:

Just right click the YouTube video and click loop to get it to behave like a GIF.

Recommended Team Setup



Recommended Weapon

Lightning Weapon (Not Bard)

Optional Items

Whirlwind Bomb