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Posted by Yaen

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Hildebrigne, Dream Palace Part 2 
  • This guide focuses on part 2 of this dungeon, focusing on the 2 Phases of Abrelshuld.

Abrelshuld Phase 1 Mechanic

  • Abrelshuld does this mechanic around 15 health bars and around 8 health bars.

  • After around 20 seconds, a target will appear around 1 person. After 4 seconds of the target appearing a meteor will fall down on the player's location.

  • Because of the rolling shit that occurs when the boss does this mechanic, it's easy to get knocked all the way to the end, failing the mechanic.

  • To ensure that you get the meteor off, make sure to use super armor skills, including your ult to avoid getting knocked away.

Abrelshuld Phase 2 Mechanic

  • Impair mechanic happens at 34 health bars and 26 health bars.

Something PUGs Will Fail (Including Me, I Suck)
  • This mechanic happens at 16 health bars.
  • One person receives a 10 second debuff. 3 players receive a buff with a light in front of them.
  • All 3 players must line up the shot with the debuffed person. Easiest way is to have the debuffed guy stand still. The buffed players should reset by running a short distance away, then click towards the direction of the debuffed player, bit by bit. Don't click on the player themselves.
  • After the 10 seconds are over, the buffed players fire a shot and no one is rooted. This allows you to dodge the incoming meteor.
  • To cheese, have a bard ult just before you get rooted. Alternatively, the players can run to the opposite side of the map and let the debuffed player die.
  • A similar mechanic happens at 8 health bars. This mechanic is much harder to line up for newer players.
  • Instead of the light being directly in front of the player, the light appears in a random direction to the 3 players.
  • The random directions are 12'o clock, 3'o clock, 6, and 9. Each player has a different direction.
  • Most players just choose to cheese this part. They let the one guy die to the meteor, while the other 3 run to the other side of the map like in the below video. I just didn't realize until after the run was over.
Abrelshuld Phase 2 Patterns
Out, then In
1 Orb Into 4
Donut Spike
Some Spike Cone Shit
Some Spike Shit
Some Cone Shit
Some Curving Spike Shit

Posted by Yaen

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Hildebrigne, Dream Palace Part 1 
  • This focuses on the first boss in this dungeon, which I'm just going to call Queen.

Queen Mechanic

  • At 8 health bars and 5 health bars, the queen will TP to the middle. Mirrors will spawn and a wave will spawn.

  • To survive the wave, you must choose the correct mirror. A colored mirror will connect to the same colored mirror. For example, a gold colored mirror will connect to a gold colored mirror.

  • The only trap mirror is the purple colored one. A purple mirror will lead to the boss. This is shown in the video.

Queen Patterns


  • A cone will appear outwards with a safe area in the back of the boss.

  • Two rotating orbs will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise at the same time.

  • The safe area will go with the rotation of the rotating orbs.

  • In the below video, you see that both orbs rotate clockwise.

Dash Dash Dash Double Cone

Backstep Double Cone

Low Health Mechanic | Wave
3 Forward Orbs, Then Back

Low Health Mechanic | Red Orbs

  • A player receives a debuff on him for 5 seconds. In this video, it appears on the blaster.

  • After the debuff wears off, 8 orbs appear on the player and spread outwards.

Lurker Spikes

  • Hands up then spikes.


Double Punch
Double Cone
Tri Cone
Quad Cone

Posted by Yaen

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